Initial consultation (50 minutes) = 60 €

Discussion of referral and concerns/symptoms, review of medical records and tests, history of client (education, work, family, health), and plan discussed for assessment or therapy.

Follow-up consultation/sessions (50 minutes) = 50 €

Review since last consultation and provision of ongoing therapy to address neuropsychological difficulties.

Clinical/diagnostic neuropsychological assessment (3-4 hours) = 550 €

A neuropsychological assessment takes several hours and includes several components:

  • Completion of tests of neuropsychological functioning, including attention, memory, language skills, and problem-solving
  • Completion of questionnaires about cognitive functionning and mental health
  • Provision of a written report presenting the results of the tests, as well as possible diagnoses and recommendations for the future
  • Follow-up consultation to discuss results and recommendations

Translation of assessment report (English-to-French) = 80 €

Neuropsychological assessment reports are written in English. Translation from English to French is available for an additional fee.